Awe Yeah! Look who is credited for Web Design & BTS Editing!

Spoiler: It's our own Dave Flanagan — And it is available to stream "In-Lawfully Yours" on NETFLIX today! WATCH TRAILER

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Open Call For Businesses–Video Shoot Only $90

Introduction videos and testimonial videos for your company website and/or marketing.

October 28, 2016 from 9:00am to 1:00pm EDT

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Paul Mulcahy, Online Marketing Manager


Create compelling ads so customers find you exactly when they are interested in your goods and services.


Accurate testing and result measurement improves ad performance. This is critical to sales.


After measuring results improve campaigns using accurate analytical sales data.


Repeat the ad cycle with improved ads and higher sales.

John Alan Stock


John Alan Stock is an American contemporary artist currently residing in Virginia. He has staged 21 solo shows; received over 100 international, national, regional awards; appeared in a variety of curated touring shows in the U.S. as well as internationally. He continues to produce art in across multiple mediums from painting (oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache), drawing (pencils, graphite stick, charcoal, pastels) and mixed media combining media (painting, collage, drawing photography & digital) and monoprints. His art work is available here for purchase as well as through galleries.

Ann Matika

Chief Operation Officer, Matika Irons

Matika Irons is a nationwide temporary dental staffing company. They are the largest, most experienced temporary professional service for dentists in North America. They provide experienced office coverage and place dentists seeking interim work opportunities. Matika Irons specializes in providing the right dentist for all temporary or full time positions.

Dave Flanagan & Co. | Web Ad Agency

DF&CO early morning. Our office looks like the college classroom where many of us met. We still all sit together and collaborate with each other all day. Although our company is only a little over a year old, we have been together for years. At DF&CO we work with 2 of our former college professors and several design school graduates. We find that the teaching mentality works best for us.

The DF&CO office 6:55 AM. We took a photo because this is probably the last time we’ll see it this early in the day! Unless we are still working from the day before, which is possible.

Here we are filming short video web introductions in the east wing… JK. We love helping people make sales. We are using short videos to help people understand who our clients really are. Photos and text are very good, videos help prospects get to know our clients a little better.