Dave Flanagan & Co. redesigned a website for Hashtag Comics/Hashtag Studios. We combined the 2 sites into one ultimate fan site. It is designed to appeal to nerds everywhere, especially comic book fans, and it is easy to navigate and promotes sales. Users have the ability to login and create their own profiles. Admins of Hashtag will be able to login as well to manage orders and clients.

We implemented an Ecommerce platform that can handle product sales and membership recurring subscriptions, we also gave them the ability to offer discounts and issue coupon codes, allowing Hashtag to keep track of your customer base for specific targeting and re-marketing.

We teach our clients how to upload products and we include basic search engine optimization and analytics for constant sales improvement.

• eCommerce product sales (WooCommerce)
• Free and paid subscription levels
• AdSense implementation (Earns money from paid ads)
• WordPress powered for universal ease of use
• Login with Facebook